A Day with The Gorgeous Joja

” Life is not about the destination its about the journey. ”

Joja / @Model_Joja
Manchester, England

First of All thank you very much for invite us to you world, Describes you, who is Joja…
I am very bubbly and positive! I have my dream job which helps 😉 but I still have various business’ I started when I was 18, so I am very busy most of the time. I love going out and partying especially now I have moved down to London, but I also love being at home on my comfies when I’m not on a shoot.

When you discovered that you could be Model…
I started Modeling quite young, I think… I was 13 but obviously not the type of work I do 😉 but I have always loved it!!! It’s fab!

How you discovered that you want it to be…
I always loved dressing up and wearing makeup even from being very young so as soon as I got in front of a camera I was at home!

Describe a regular morning in your Life…
I try and live a healthy life apart from the wine 😉 so I get up and have a fruit shake and check my emails. I have 2 dogs one little handbag dog and a big Labrador so I take them out in the morning. I talk to my agent Phil green at supermodel management most mornings to get an update on bookings etc…he’s a star!! Then I get ready get my rollers in and get on the road to a shoot usually.

Do you have habits I mean like, you have to do something first always by morning.
Habits… Hmmm… I have to have a coffee as soon as I open my eyes ha!!

What’s the secret to be always in perfect Shape.
Eating well I’d say.. I have my naughty dats like everybody but I try to eat well and walk the dogs and get to the gym as much as possible

Which color you think is sexy for women., and which one for man.
Black definitely for both especially black underwear! I do love pink though 🙂 that’s my favourite colour!

Describe your perfect kind of man..
Tall, dark and handsome 🙂 Christian Grey ha!

What Joja likes to do by day and by night when she’s not working…
By day I love going to a spa and relaxing then a little shopping and lunch and a few cocktails… By night would have to be a crazy one in London usual ending up in stringfellows 😉

Now some quick questions please answer the first thing comes to your mind…

Favorite Actor: Hugh grant
Favorite Movie: the notebook
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Flavor: chocolate
Favorite Kind of texture: silk
Favorite City: Las Vegas
Favorite Drink: champagne
Favorite Food: seafood

I’m gonna tell you some concepts and you have to choose one thing that resume all he concept example: (Gorgeous – JoJa Model 🙂 )

Beauty: glamour girls 😉
Friend: loyal
Sexy: stockings
Love: hearts
Passion: fun

Joja, you are really Gorgeous woman, it’s your beauty a problem for regular man to invite you for a date?
Not usually
Thank you very much for your time it was a pleasure to know more about you…
Finally to end this interview could you share with us a quote that means a lot to you…
Life is not about the destination its about the journey. (This is me and my mums favourite quote)

Thanks a lot, it was a pleasure…

IdinVicencio / @ IdinVicencio


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