Nombre: Trevor Hale.
Profesion: Cupido
Ocupacion: Bartender.

El es Mi Amigo Trevor Hale, Lo Conoci En 1998, y Desde Entonces Lo Considero Uno De Mis Mejores AmIgos, El Dice Ser Cupido, y Haber Sido Desterrado Por El Mismisimo Zeus Del Monte Olimpo, La Razon? No Hay Tal Segun El; Mas Si Existe Un Motivo, Su Arrogancia.
Lo Cierto Es Que Afirma Existe La Posibilidad De Regresar A Casa, La Unica Deventaja Es Que Para Lograrlo Tiene Que Unir 100 Parejas… Por Cierto Trevor Vive En Chicago.

“People wonder if movies reflect real life. Hell yes, they do. I’ll tell you how. Both make it difficult for two people to find each other and fall in love. Think about it. All the barriers that get put in the way of romance which in movies is exactly the point. That’s what holds our interest for two hours. But in real life, love would hold our interest. Movies end when two people finally embrace, but that is exactly when life begins. Everyone is aching for magic. Everyone wants that moment in the third act when their eyes meet and the music swells, and they fall into their lover’s arms. But no one talks! No one connects anymore. Life is a very long movie, and everyone is stuck in the second act.” Trevor.

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